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Plain Bread Crumbs

We are a company specializing in the production and processing of bread crumbs and bread crumbs


The manufacturing process and function of the bread crumb manufacturer?

Process composition:

1. Mixing machine: Add a certain amount of water to the raw materials and mix well.

2. Feeding machine: use the motor as the power for screw conveying, and transport the mixed raw materials to the feeding hopper of the extruder to ensure convenient and fast feeding.

3. Extruder: There is a special control cabinet, which can produce strip products under high pressure environment. 4. Cutting machine: The long strip products are made into short strips. Confirm with oven.

6. Multi-layer oven: Most of the ovens are electric ovens. The temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet. The interior is a stainless steel double-layer mesh bag. The baking time can be adjusted according to the speed, minus the moisture and adding the shelf life; 7 , Elevator: transported to wet mill after baking

9. Grading screen: screen out different products

10. Packaging machine: vertical packaging machine and combined computer weighing packaging machine can be used.


Product features of bread crumb manufacturer:

1. As a topping for fried food. Bread crumbs are usually fried in a Western-style method, also known as western frying, which means that the ingredients are first coated with low-gluten flour and egg liquid in sequence, and then covered with a layer of bread crumbs. In this way, the fried food tastes crisper and has a beautiful golden color.

2. Relieve the time for food to be fried and burnt: When making fried food, it is easy to fry and burn if you are not careful. Adding bread crumbs can alleviate this phenomenon.

3. Create the taste of food: When baking bread and cakes, sprinkle a layer of bread crumbs on top of the prepared food and then drizzle olive oil or put a small piece of cream to increase the taste of food.