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3mm granular bread crumbs

Bread crumbs is a widely used food additive, which is used on the surface of fried food


Bread crumbs is a kind of widely used food additive, which is used for the surface of fried food. The materials used by Bread crumbs manufacturers are chicken wings, 6 Bread crumbs, 2 large bowls of eggs, a raw powder, a small half bowl of salt, an appropriate amount of sugar, garlic and a small grain of Bread crumbs. According to the practice of Bread crumbs manufacturers, marinate chicken wings with salt, pond and garlic for more than 2 hours, so as to taste better. First, roll the pickled chicken wings in the cornflour to make him stained with cornflour. Recently, we have received some inquiries from some customers about the precautions in the custody of Bread crumbs. The reply is as follows for reference. I Standard storage conditions the standard storage conditions of Bread crumbs products of our company are: temperature: 0 ~ 5 ℃. Shelf life: 7 days from the date of production. II Storage method of surplus products introduction of Bread crumbs knowledge: a widely used food additive for the surface of fried food, such as fried chicken, fish, seafood (shrimp), chicken legs, chicken wings, onion rings, etc. Its flavor is crisp, soft, delicious and nutritious.

granular bread bran

Practice of Bread crumbs: Bread crumbs is made of toast bread after peeling, slicing, drying at constant temperature, and then evenly crushed. The Bread crumbs produced by the Bread crumbs manufacturer is milled from bread and has various styles. Only a small part of the Bread crumbs produced in the flour making process is usually reused by other industries as bread flour, and a considerable part is discarded as waste. Recently, the Japanese food research center has developed a new method for reusing bread crumbs. Bread crumbs manufacturer's material salmon 150-200g butter 15g salt appropriate Bread crumbs 20g parmesan cheese powder 5g onion 3G lemon peel 3G dry thyme leaf 0.5g Bread crumbs manufacturer's practice salmon soak in cold water for 15 minutes, and then dip it dry with kitchen paper towel. Preheat the oven at 190 ℃, and brush a layer of melted butter on the baking pan. Content abstract: Bread crumbs is not easy to buy, so it is still more convenient. There are many ways to make Bread crumbs.