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What's the difference between white bread bran and yellow flour bran

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Bread bran is very common in our daily life, especially for some people who especially like to eat fried food. It is mainly scattered on the surface of some fried food, such as some roast chicken wings and fish wings, which can alleviate the scorching time of fried food. It tastes delicious and has high nutritional value. However, there are white bread bran and yellow flour bran in our daily life, Most people don't understand the two differences. Today, I'll introduce them to you.


In fact, in our daily life, there is no essential difference between white bread bran and yellow flour bran, because their nutritional values are also very similar, but their simple colors are different. So why do we see some fried foods, most of which are fried with yellow bread bran? It's not that yellow bread bran is more nutritious, but when we see that yellow food looks more appetizing than white food, so most of us use yellow bread bran, because yellow can stimulate our nerves and stimulate our body's appetite, and it is very helpful to concentrate and improve our interest in learning, That's why most vendors choose to use yellow bread bran.


However, if we buy bread bran in the market, we should pay great attention, because the quality requirements of bread bran are not so strict. When making steamed bread, we usually use some cheap black flour and then add some bleach. Therefore, if we see that the bread bran is very white in the market, we should be careful. Therefore, if we want to eat some fried food in our daily life, Better buy some yellow bread bran.