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What delicacies can bread bran make

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What is bread bran

Bread bran is made from toast bread Toast should be peeled first, then sliced, and dried at a constant temperature. Finally, the dry bread slices are evenly crushed to obtain the bread bran we usually see

Good bread bran shows a healthy bright white. Consumers should avoid buying yellow or brown bread bran Poor quality bread bran is usually made by local method without completely removing the bread crust. In this way, the finished product is easy to scorch and taste bitter when making fried food


Function of bread bran

1. The most basic usage of bread bran is when making all kinds of fried food: separate eggs and only use egg white; Dip the food to be fried in egg white; Then wrap enough bread bran on the outer layer, and you can fry it in the pot; After the outer layer turns yellow slightly, fry until golden yellow

2. Bread bran can also be used in making homemade four - Happiness balls Mix the selected lean pig meat stuffing and bread bran evenly, then add an appropriate amount of other seasonings and knead them into balls of equal size

3. Bread bran can also be used on all kinds of snacks. Before use, stick a little egg white on the outside of the snacks, so as to wrap the bread bran well outside the snacks

Practice of bread bran

Ingredients: several slices of plain toast


1. Cut off the four sides of the original toast;

2. Cut the edge removed toast into small pieces;

3. Put the toast in the microwave oven for 2 minutes. The specific time depends on the quantity of toast and the power of each microwave oven;

4. After the toast is cooled, put it into a fresh-keeping bag and press it into debris with a rolling pin The bread crumbs that can not be used up can also be stored in a sealed container and taken at any time