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Chili powder is red or red-yellow, oily and uniform powder. It is a mixture of red chili, yellow chili, chili seeds and some chili stalks. It has the inherent spicy flavor of chili.


Chili powder is red or red-yellow, oily and uniform powder. It is a mixture of red chili, yellow chili, chili seeds and some chili stalks. It has the inherent spicy flavor of chili.


What is the nutritional value of chili powder

Medicinal value function Indications

1. "Supplement to the Compendium": Spicy eggplant is hot and dissipated, and it can also dispel dampness. There are children who eat cold water during the summer months, lie down in the shade, until the autumn malaria occurs, all medicines are ineffective, and extend to the early winter, occasionally eat hot sauce, which is quite palatable. Good from the accumulation of water in the chest and diaphragm, it turns into cold phlegm, and it is acrid to disperse it, so it is like a soup with snow fungus.

2. Yao Kecheng's "Food Materia Medica": eliminate food, relieve qi, appetize, ward off evil, kill fishy gas and other poisons.

3. "Hundred Herbs Mirror": wash chilblains, bathe in cold scabies, purify large intestine meridian of cold addiction.

4. "Medical Properties Test": dispel cold in the middle, remove wind and sweat, remove cold addiction, remove phlegm and dampness.

5. "Food taboos": Warming the middle and lowering the qi, dispelling cold and dehumidifying, opening stagnation and removing phlegm, digesting food, killing insects and detoxifying. Treat vomiting, treat choking diaphragm, stop diarrhea and dysentery, and dispel beriberi.

6. "Drug Test": Can dispel wind and blood, dispel cold and relieve depression, guide stagnation, stop diarrhea, and rub ringworm. Pharmacological action


①Effects on the digestive system Capsicum tincture or capsaicin can be taken orally as a stomachic agent, which has the effect of promoting appetite and improving digestion. Animal experiments (Basov gastric atrophy dogs) have proved that chili water stimulates the oral mucosa and reflexively strengthens the movement of the stomach. Condiments made of various peppers can increase saliva secretion and amylase activity after oral administration. Oral administration of large doses can cause gastritis, enteritis, diarrhea, and vomiting. It has been reported that pepper has inhibitory and antispasmodic effects on isolated animal intestines.

② Antibacterial and insecticidal effects Capsaicin has a significant inhibitory effect on Bacillus cereus and Bacillus subtilis, but is ineffective against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Its branches and leaves have no antibacterial effect, and only slightly inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 10-20% chili fried Jing has the effect of killing bed bugs.

③ Redness effect External use as a liniment has a blistering effect on the skin, making the local blood vessels of the skin reflexively expand, and promoting the vigorous local blood circulation. Tinctures can be used for frostbite; but some people think that pepper only strongly stimulates sensory nerve endings, causing a sense of warmth, but has little effect on blood vessels, and high concentrations do not foam, so it cannot be regarded as a redness agent.

④ Effects on the circulatory system Spicy substances (ginger, pepper, especially pepper) can stimulate the taste receptors of the human tongue. Reflexively raise blood pressure (especially diastolic blood pressure), but have no obvious effect on pulse. Intravenous injection of capsaicin or capsicum preparations in anesthetized cats and dogs can cause a transient drop in blood pressure, slow heartbeat and dyspnea, which are caused by stimulation of chemoreceptors or stretch receptors in the lungs and coronary arteries. It has a direct excitatory effect on the isolated guinea pig atrium, and also has a constricting effect on the hindlimb blood vessels of rats.

⑤ Other effects It has been reported abroad that after 3 weeks of eating red pepper as a condiment (unknown variety), the free hydrocortisone in the plasma can be significantly increased, and the excretion in the urine also increased; it can also reduce fibrinolysis. active. The water decoction of the aerial part has an excitatory effect on the isolated rat uterus.